We invite you to peruse our portfolio of selected work located throughout Kansas City featuring:

  • Interior Design and Planning
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Room Additions

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Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling: Fairway

View of West Wall

“All I wanted was new countertops.” That was the beginning thoughts for this Kansas City couple who decided that an entire kitchen remodel was in their future.

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Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling: Ward Parkway


For the homeowners, their bathroom remodel embraced their modern tendencies to give them an updated space that improved their storage, flow and lighting.

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Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling: Overland Park

Main kitchen workspace

Two design styles blended together to create this new kitchen space that evokes modern style as well as paying homage to the home’s original 1960’s ranch style.

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Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling: Prairie Village

Kitchen remodel in Prairie Village, Kansas

The design of this multi-room kitchen remodel in a quiet suburb of Kansas City created a new living space that encourages interaction with guests throughout the free flowing layout. Features of the space include a new galley kitchen, wine bar, areas for artwork and a relaxed lounging area.

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Remodeling: South Kansas City Room Addition

Kansas City Remodeling

Collaboration between the interior designer, design/ build remodeling contractor and the homeowners were key to the successful completion of this award winning room addition. The homeowner’s goal of the remodel was to blend the new structure with the already unique floor plan and to maximize the views of their property.

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Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling: Hyde Park

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling and Design

In Kansas City’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood, this early 1900s home had gone through many changes over time, and the kitchen ended up being very nonfunctional for the current owners. The redesign included moving a bathroom and doorways, adding new countertops, smart layered lighting, and more, and highlighting some of the original features, like the brick wall.

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Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling: Leawood

Kansas City Bathroom Design and Remodel

The design for a bathroom remodel in Leawood, Kansas gave the new homeowners the improved flow, added functional storage space and created a larger shower that they desired.

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